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"The 10 Best Tea Places in Atlanta"

Doug Bond

Take a look at a feature from Chinese Teas 101, where we are featured in the list of some of the best places for tea ...

Demystifying Coffee Roasts: A Journey Through the Spectrum at San Francisco Coffee

Doug Bond

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Dougie Fresh, Master Roaster, and Owner of San Francisco Coffee in Atlanta! Dive into the rich world of coffee roasts, just in time for the holiday season. From the delicate Cinnamon Roast to the bold Italian Roast, experience the nuances of each blend. Our small-batch, locally roasted beans promise a warm cup in the heart of autumn. Explore the magic of our Java Holiday 2023 tradition. With free parking at our cozy coffee house, indulge in the perfect cup for every palate. Discover the art of roasting with us and make this holiday season unforgettable!


Doug Bond

Hey there, fellow coffee voyagers! It's your caffeine crusader, Doug, here to whisk you away on a flavorful trip arou...

What is Caffeine and Why Do We Love It?

Doug Bond

When you love coffee as much as I do, it's more than just a perk of starting the day. It's a necessity. Trust me. I live a five-cups-before-work kind of lifestyle. So why do so many of us demand a cup of fresh coffee first thing in the morning? The answer, naturally, is caffeine. So what is this mysterious chemical that makes coffee oh so hard to resist? Let's take a deeper look.


Doug Bond

At San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company, we serve up an ever-changing roster of delicious beverages, making the most of our expertly-roasted coffee in its many forms. Whether you like it hot or cold, strong or sweet, you'll find something that hits the spot.

5 Key Health Benefits of Coffee

Doug Bond

A good cup of coffee can lift your mood and turn your whole day around. But coffee is not just beneficial to your mental well-being. In fact, drinking coffee in moderation offers several benefits to your physical health as well. Let's take a look at how a cup of fresh black coffee could be helping your body.

What's the Best Way to Brew Coffee at Home?

Doug Bond

When you come to a San Francisco Coffeehouse, you should expect your coffee to be pretty close to perfect. Prepped with a precise ratio of water to coffee, made with our own house-roasted beans, and brewed fresh every hour, our hot coffee is unmatched.

Tasting Like A Pro: Q-Grading and the Flavor Wheel

Doug Bond

Q-grading, or quality grading, is the process of smelling, tasting, and assessing coffee in order to assign it a specific grade. As outlined by the SCA (that's the Specialty Coffee Association), all coffees are assigned a grade between 1 and 100. Any score above 80 is considered high-quality, specialty coffee. You know, like we sell at San Fran...(read more)

Coffee Blends: What To Know

Doug Bond

We all know that coffee grows all around the world, and that each region boasts its own unique character. Colombian coffees are rich like a Burgundy wine, while Guatemalan roasts have a complex spiciness that's hard to resist. You have your sweet Hawaiian Konas, and your rich Costa Ricans, and your hazelnutty Chiapas that are perfect for drinking black...(read more)

The Roasting Process

Doug Bond

If you've read our last post on the origin of coffee beans, you already know what a long journey coffee makes from the field to the cup. But beans are useless until they're roasted. The roasting process is the absolute key to producing insanely delicious coffee. And it's what San Fran goes for every time...(read more)

Where Do Our Coffee Beans Come From?

Doug Bond

Whether you stop by one of our coffeehouses or order a bag of fresh-roasted beans from our online store, getting your hands on high-quality coffee couldn't be easier...(read more)
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