SFCRC News & Updates

  • Tasting Like A Pro: Q-Grading and the Flavor Wheel

    Q-grading, or quality grading, is the process of smelling, tasting, and assessing coffee in order to assign it a specific grade. As outlined by the SCA (that's the Specialty Coffee Association), all coffees are assigned a grade between 1 and 100. Any score above 80 is considered high-quality, specialty coffee. You know, like we sell at San Fran...(read more)

  • Coffee Blends: What To Know

    We all know that coffee grows all around the world, and that each region boasts its own unique character. Colombian coffees are rich like a Burgundy wine, while Guatemalan roasts have a complex spiciness that's hard to resist. You have your sweet Hawaiian Konas, and your rich Costa Ricans, and your hazelnutty Chiapas that are perfect for drinking black...(read more)

  • The Roasting Process

    If you've read our last post on the origin of coffee beans, you already know what a long journey coffee makes from the field to the cup. But beans are useless until they're roasted. The roasting process is the absolute key to producing insanely delicious coffee. And it's what San Fran goes for every time...(read more)

  • Where Do Our Coffee Beans Come From?

    Whether you stop by one of our coffeehouses or order a bag of fresh-roasted beans from our online store, getting your hands on high-quality coffee couldn't be easier...(read more)